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[personal profile] kaberett2016-04-13 09:49 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Wiki account creation is a go!

If you've been after getting an account on the wiki, please holler - account creation is now working again, and I want to make sure I don't miss anyone!
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This is a test post

... for bug-characterisation purposes. Sorry, folk. <3
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Removing the last few references to hg.dwscoalition.org

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Setting up dw-free and dw-nonfree

The instructions on setting up dw-nonfree (and possibly in other places) use the --set-upstream flag. Using those instructions gives the message:

The --set-upstream flag is deprecated and will be removed. Consider using --track or --set-upstream-to

Someone more familiar with git tell me what I should be editing those instructions to so's not to break anything? Cheers!
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[personal profile] me_and2016-02-21 04:27 pm

Setting up the suggestions community

In case you ever want to do anything relating to the Make a suggestion page on a Dreamhack, I've recently gone through the process and written it up.

There are a few bits that are decidedly more hacky than I'd like, so it's definitely a thing that would benefit from others looking it over and making improvements, but it'll hopefully save other folk needing to go Perl diving for the details.

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[personal profile] kaberett2015-11-08 01:10 am
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Need a page looked over from a styles perspective

One of the things I did today was get rid of as many obsolete references to Mercurial as I could. Consequently I have rewritten Working on a Styles Bug despite... never having worked on a styles bug, so it would be great if styles folk (or people who know the workflow) could have a quick look over it and say if it seems reasonable. Cheers!
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[personal profile] pauamma2015-11-03 04:26 am
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Setting an email address on my OpenID DW wiki account

So I have a DW wiki account named Pauamma (userid 14), which I log into using OpenID, and for which I'd like to set the email address to pauamma@dreamwidth.org, so I can get emailed when pages on my watchlist change. However:

- http://wiki.dreamwidth.net/wiki/index.php?title=Special:ChangeEmail&returnto=Special%3APreferences wants me to enter my current password, which I don't know (assuming I even have one) because OpenID.

- http://wiki.dreamwidth.net/wiki/index.php?title=Special:ChangePassword&returnto=Special%3APreferences (which I tried next) also wants to know my current password.

- http://wiki.dreamwidth.net/wiki/index.php?title=Special:PasswordReset&returnto=Special%3APreferences doesn't, but complains that I don't have an email address set.

Any way out of that chicken-and-egg problem?
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Wiki updates

I've just written a very short guide to getting Support Board and privs set up on a 'hack (the information was all previously available but was a bit scattered). Please do let me know if you think there's information missing (or edit yourself if you have privs).

I've made some minor tweaks to Privileges. It is still marked as in-need-of-update and does not accurately reflect the full set of available privs. I'm happy to edit all of them in but would like input on how to adapt existing categories to this end :-)
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[personal profile] xtina2014-12-07 11:45 am
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Issue with Syntax Highlighter

On this page in particular:


Something on line 4531 is really really broken. Alas!

Account creation wackiness

One of our own reports:

if I don't put in anything in the "link to existing account" boxes and click login/create account, I get: "Fatal error: Call to a member function checkPassword() on a non-object in /var/www/wiki/extensions/OpenID/SpecialOpenIDLogin.body.php on line 898"

So it looks like OpenID account creation may be horked. Possibly also regular account creation.

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[personal profile] pauamma2014-08-19 05:21 pm

Error message from the wiki engine?

I'm getting a bunch of repeats of
Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /var/www/wiki/extensions/SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi/geshi/geshi.php on line 4531 Notice: Undefined offset: 4 in /var/www/wiki/extensions/SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi/geshi/geshi.php on line 4531
when viewing http://wiki.dreamwidth.net/wiki/index.php/Newbie_Guide:_How_to_Patch_Styles_and_Themes, and I suspect, a number of other pages. (This is the only page so far for which the messages remain visible after the page itself displays, but I noticed transient messages on other pages that may be the same.) Is it just me, or is anyone else getting those or similar messages?
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[personal profile] foxfirefey2014-06-14 05:07 pm
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Wiki update: 1.23.0

Hey folks! Earlier this month a new MediaWiki version dropped, so it is time to upgrade the wiki again. You might see some downtime today as I do this, and please let me know what weird stuff happens! (I do realize that the S2 highlighting isn't working properly right now but haven't figured out quite *why* yet.)

Edit: Okay, the wiki has been upgraded to the latest version.
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[staff profile] denise2014-01-16 03:24 am

(no subject)

I've blocked a handful of older accounts that hadn't edited the wiki, but whose usernames match the sort of pattern that spammers tend to use. If you've been blocked and shouldn't have been, I apologize! Let me know and I'll unblock you.
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[personal profile] xtina2013-06-26 12:48 pm

Can't log in?

I can't remember my login for the wiki, and I apparently didn't have an email set. I know I'm in there, because I exist in this history:


Do I make a new account, or suffer, or? What do I do?

...except I can't create any new account at all. Okaaay.

So, who do I talk to in order to be able to edit the wiki?...
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[personal profile] foxfirefey2013-06-16 09:19 am
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Wiki upgrade

Looks like it's time to upgrade to MediaWiki 1.21! I'll update this post when it's done; until then, might want to hold off on edits.

ETA: Okay folks, upgrade is complete, extensions are back up and running. Report any weirdness you see to me. I've also tracked down the Exception error happening when you logged in with a username/password--I couldn't find a way to fix it properly, but I cheated and modified the MediaWiki code to stop erroring out. (It had something to do with getting a NULL language code; since our wiki is all "en", it's safe to set it to that instead of relying on the broken bits trying to get user preferences from cookies.)
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[personal profile] foxfirefey2013-05-12 05:38 pm
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Downtime: database maintenance

I'm doing some preventative work on the wiki server's database, so expect some downtime this evening!

ETA: Finished! I think the ibdata1 should vex me no longer by taking up 12GB of the 19GB of space on the server, causing the file system to fill up entirely and make the wiki start to fail.
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[personal profile] foxfirefey2013-04-05 07:32 pm
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Rename extension now available

People who have bureaucrat permissions on the wiki can now use the rename page to assist users who need to change their handle.
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[personal profile] foxfirefey2013-03-16 06:15 pm
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Be on the lookout for sad wiki things

We had a category that was creating a glitch in the Mediawiki software: "Â Third_party_programs"

I had to go into the database to try and fix it; the category is now gone and I don't forsee any problems from that, but in case I did cause some, please let me know.

for admin reference )

Unable to log in

Is is just me or is there an issue with log in? I used to be able to log in using a username and password and it stopped working for me some time today. I could no longer access any pages so I cleared my cookies for wiki.dwscoalition.org and now every time I try to log in it tells me I need to enable cookies. However, wiki.dwscoalition.org is on my whitelist on FF. I've also tried it on Chrome where no cookies are blocked and I get the same message.