end of the line for the iPod

Jul. 27th, 2017 01:48 pm
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This makes me really sad. Apple will still sell you an iPod Touch, which is basically a phoneless iPhone with a starting price of $199, but the days of Apple-branded MP3 players are pretty much done.

I own both the current (now discontinued) models and use them in my car. I still own a bunch of the older models, too, including an iPod Touch which is too old to upgrade past iOS 8. It's been my least favorite iPod.

I doubt the article's hypothesis about lack of Bluetooth support is accurate. The iPod nano does Bluetooth just fine. More likely, Apple just didn't want to keep financing development on the non-iOS software the cheaper iPods use, and iTunes support for same.

I guess I'll do my usual thing of keeping one of my Macs running an older version of iTunes until it burns out or something better comes along.

Meanwhile, I'm getting closer and closer to finally getting an iPhone. Since I last complained about it, my Android phone had a spell of a few weeks where it would spontaneously reboot with no warning, even in the middle of a phone call. Then when we were on vacation a couple of months ago, there was an episode where it told me I had no signal when I was separated from my family, and I ended up walking halfway across the theme park trying to reacquire signal until it occurred to me that the phone was being stupid and I should reboot it. Then a few weeks after that, it started mysteriously eating battery life until Robby reminded me, once again, to shut up and reboot.

At this point I'm tired of fighting with it. I don't expect to be entirely happy with an iPhone either, but at least it will have new and different problems that might be less frustrating. I've only had to reboot a misbehaving iPad two or three times in the six or seven years now that I've owned one. Not two or three times a year - two or three times ever.


Jul. 27th, 2017 06:16 pm
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Feelings the first: I've just had A finish Season 1 of Korra, and I'm going to be making him watch Spirited Away before Season 2, because that sequence is frankly one of the few things I like about Season 2, so. BUT. Having very recently watched the end of Book 3 of A:tLA with him, I Noticed a Thing about the end of Season 1 that I had not, previously, and then FEELINGS. Spoilers, obviously. )

Orphan Black is also a bunch of FEELINGS, also has spoilers (up to 5.07), and also comes with a content note for Significant Gore slightly beyond what one normally expects of the show, along with all the usual "everything is horrifying but I love all of them" caveats.

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T minus two weeks

Jul. 25th, 2017 07:53 am
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I had a pretty good weekend - went to see Valerian with the usual suspects on Saturday and Dunkirk with my mom on Sunday. I don't usually seek out war movies, but Dunkirk was more a story of survival, and the braided narrative structure helped to make an overwhelmingly large-scale event feel character-driven. I would see it again. On the other hand, Valerian was surprisingly disappointing. The visuals were amazing, but the humor and ensemble feel of Fifth Element were missing, and the human characters had no depth. It reminded me more of Jupiter Ascending, except JA was more fun.

I've made some progress on reorganizing the kids' bedrooms. I had originally considered moving both bookshelves into Connor's room, but now I'm thinking a better use of space would be to leave Will's shelves intact and figure out some new clothing storage. Right now, most of Connor's clothes are stored in Will's room in their old changing table, and Will's shirts and jeans are in stacks on the floor. Some lightweight, relatively narrow storage shelves might be a good solution in both rooms.

I was inspired to start yet another knitting project following a conversation with my mother-in-law last week. I had read about Moebius strip scarves but hadn't tried making one until now. They're surprisingly fun!

I've also successfully cleaned out the worst of my email inbox and cleared some space on the DVR. Breathing room is good.

Today we're going to go see what's new at the McWane Center, since we haven't been all summer.

Culture Consumed Tuesday

Jul. 25th, 2017 10:50 pm
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Read Ann Leckie's Provenance (in ARC. It's coming out on the 26th of September.) Spider mech, spider mech, does whatever a spider mech does. (Disconcert people, mainly.) This is in the same universe as the Radch trilogy, but in a different region and with different characters, voice, and tone. I have some friends who couldn't get into Ancillary Justice, wanted to like it but found it too hard going, and I would be curious if this one worked better as an entry point for them.

Leckie's repeatedly cited Cherryh as an influence, and if you think of the universe the Ancillary books are set in as like Cherryh's Alliance/Union universe, a big canvas covering a lot of territory in time as well as space, then this book in relation to its universe is a bit like a railway junction. It opens some new routes, introduces some new important players, but the most important universe-scale historical events (as opposed to system-scale or planet-scale or individuals) are offstage.

To say more about voice and tone: the Radch books are in first person, and that person is Breq, who is... Breq. Over two thousand years old, and even if you consider the destruction of Justice of Toren as a kind of rebirth, by the point we meet her she's a hypercompetent badass who's been surviving on her own in her single body for nineteen years. Also she's not a human, so there's that.

Ingray isn't Breq. She's very much human (and has an entirely reasonable terror of AIs,) a lot younger (I don't think her exact age is stated, but early twenties would be my guess,) and infinitely less sure of herself. She's also spent her entire life to date having her head messed with by her shitty family. My first two impressions, right from the first three chapters of this book, were: one, you can really tell the author was spending a lot of time in airports when she wrote this; and two, Ingray has the sort of family life where the closer your geographic proximity to your relatives, the more difficulty you have with being a decent person. The rest of this book bore this out (I mean the family, although there were definitely more airport-equivalent scenes too.)

If you're one of the people who disliked Breq because she was "too perfect" (I disagree with you about her being perfect, but) you might find Ingray and her smaller scale problems (compared to entire empires and species) more relatable.

If the Radch trilogy is about personhood and the fight to be recognised as a person when you don't fit a society's definition of who counts as a person, then Provenance about growing into oneself not as a person (that was never in question for Ingray) but as an adult (a coming of age that, by contrast, Breq never had the luxury of needing.) And if the Radch trilogy is about resisting societal/systemic forces, Provenance is about resisting social, personal pressures (family and peers.)

Finished Aliette de Bodard's The House of Binding Thorns. And after this and Provenance I'd like a short break from books about difficult family situations, please! I liked this better than The House of Shattered Wings, but the tone was still bleaker than I usually go for. Characters I particularly liked: Madeleine, back from the previous book; Thuan the dragon prince, and Berith and Francoise the Fallen/human couple trying to manage outside the Houses. Grandmother Olympe, the elder of the community where Berith and Francoise live, was also pretty great. And I warmed more to Asmodeus than I did in the first book.

Unfortunately, I think I'm the wrong audience for this. The things The House of Shattered Wings and The House of Binding Thorns do well (decayed elegance, gothicism, Paris, fallen angels), they do really well, but they're not things I particularly love (I don't dislike them, they're just not my catnip.) So, like, I can't actually rave about these books, but I do want to wave them really hard at people who do love those things.


Some zines I ordered from Rooster Tails's Etsy store showed up, and he kind of threw in a bunch of queer fanart glossy note cards (maybe to make up for a delay, idk, I'm not complaining!) and they're so beautiful and I didn't know I needed a picture of Daria holding Jane's hand and saying "I hate you the least," or adorably cartoony Finn smooching Poe, or cartoony Gabrielle climbing Xena like a tree, but I definitely did need those things. Now I'm trying to decide whether to keep or send to people.

The zines are #my gender is..., three tiny A6 cardbound volumes made in response to answers people gave the author when he asked people to fill in the blank.

Mainlined 17776, which is web based multimedia rather than comics, but I'm putting it in this category because what everyone's comparing it to is Homestuck. It's about satellites watching football in an unimaginably future, but also post-scarcity/post-singularity anxiety and Millennialism (as in epochs, as well as as in snake people) and play as the ultimate point of human existance, and it's funny and elegiac and cool and reminds me of David Foster Wallace in some ways.

That said, it is worth talking about who's at the centre of this narrative. No, not robots. No, not humans. Americans. White, suburban, minivan-driving, 80s-and-90s-born Americans. So conflated with the essential nature of humanity that they don't even notice they're doing it. Even the probes are two American probes and one European (but not Russian) one. I mean, Mangalyan does exist, you know? And so does Chang'e 2 and Kirari. And Libertad I and Fajr and... I mean, not all of those are still in space, or left Earth's orbit, but they could. Not to mention that it's science fiction and at the present date JUICE is still in development, why not a future Ghanaian or Iranian satellite mission? Which is not even my point, my point is that the regressive fantasy that the humans fall back into when faced with the crushing boredom of their eternal lives is... the 1960s and 1970s but without the race riots or Stonewall or Watergate.

It's still a good story/multimedia work/thing, and I still enjoyed it. I just... that particular nostalgic fantasy makes me very tired sometimes. And no, not tired in a way that makes me want to give up on the weary work of human endeavour/struggle/progress to take refuge in looking back down at the things that are really important to us/humanity, i.e. a sport which people in my country don't play.

TV and Movies

Watched the first episode of Black Sails. Was unimpressed. I hear it gets better, though. Flint's fury at the stolen log page reminded me of this.


Gave my sister the Hamilton soundtrack for Christmas last year or her birthday this year (I forget which -- my gift-giving punctuality standards are seriously slipping at the moment.) Success: she's hooked. Very hooked.


Third week of [community profile] hexarchate_rpg. So far haven't panicked and run away yet (me, not my character) so that's good.

Still playing Binding of Isaac. In one especially good run, I met Isaac's mother for the first time, and defeated her! Which meant that, next time I got to that level, defeating her led to having to climb into her womb and fight more monsters there. Which... is definitely a narrative choice a person could make.

Started playing Hexcells, a puzzle game; not to be confused with Hexels, a different puzzle game. The latter is like 2048 but in three directions not two; the former is kind of like a griddler/nonogram, but in three directions and its own specific language of clues. Played all the way through Hexcells, then started Hexcells Plus. Got the Perfectionist achievement for the original Hexcells. Then Hexcells Plus. Then started Hexcells Infinite, and am at 90% of that.

The problem with me and Hexcells is not the logic. I'm not super great at the logic, but with time and effort and occasional appeals to online walkthroughs I can succeed (usually by speaking the chain of logic out loud over and over because I can't hold the branches in my head long enough otherwise.) The problem is that that one of the achievements is to do all the games with zero (or only one) mistakes, and the way my brain works (or the way my working memory doesn't work) it's very easy for me to make one stupid error too many and ruin an hour of work. Which is really frustrating and upsetting. At least Hexcells Infinite lets you save your progress. The first two games didn't, so if you need a break before finishing the level, you have to leave the app open.


The compost bin is full. That took about three months to fill a 220L bin. I had to look up what one does once the bin's full. Leave it to cure for a month or so while starting a new bin, apparently. Or alternatively, lift the bin off the compost (it doesn't have a bottom) and set it down next to the compost, shovel whatever still looks like vegetable peelings and cat litter back into the bin, and use whatever just looks like soil to grow things. (But not herbs and vegetables, because this is cat litter compost, so it's contaminated with toxoplasmosis. This compost can nourish pretty flowers and Native Plants To Encourage Local Species.)


Baked scones. Also tried out a couple of recipes from my long backlog of bookmarked Recipes To Try Someday:

- Jack Monroe's Queen of Hearts jam tarts recipe. Not too bad given how seldom I make pastry. If you have fifty grams of butter and a scant cup of plain flour and some jam, this is an okay thing to do with those ingredients, but the scones were better.

- AoM Bratwurst Sandwich. This contains one thing I eat normally (mustard), one thing I've had decades ago but haven't cooked with (bratwurst), and two things I hadn't had before (sauerkraut, pumpernickel.) The bratwurst and mustard and sauerkraut were good. The pumpernickel... yeah, no, next time I make this I'll just use a dark rye.

I could have adapted to the flavour, but its lack of structural integrity meant that according to the Earl of Sandwich litmus test this is not even a sandwich. (i.e. "I pretend I am the original Earl of Sandwich. I have asked for non-bread foods to be brought to me inside bread, that I might more easily consume them one-handed while gambling. This does not enable my wretched regency habits. This is not what I asked for. I do not deign to grace it with the name of my house.")

This would fall apart in his hand, scattering boiled rye grains all over his elaborate necktie and playing cards.

Admittedly, the degree of difficulty was higher for me since I had to eat it one-handed while fending off a very interested black and white cat with the other hand.


Broke my daily meditation streak at 219 days. Very pissed off about it, in a not zen at all way. The last time this happened it was at 149 days. Forming habits is hard for me. (This is not a request for reassurance or advice. Especially not advice.) Took four days off meditating out of pique.


Have been fighting a lot these last few days. At first I thought Beatrice was the main instigator, but last night while she was aggressively licking Dorian, I saw him nip her.

He hasn't learned to lift the toilet lid yet, but it's hard for me to remember to leave it down since my already established habit was to close the door but leave the lid up.

Cats update

Jul. 23rd, 2017 03:33 am
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He's being a terrible Dory again. (Sung to the tune of 'I'm telling a terrible story' from The Pirates of Penzance.) This time his evidence exculpatory is that I won't let him use the indoor swimming pool. (No, not the sink. And I don't have a bathtub.)

So he learned to turn the lever sort of door handles and also swing on them in such a way that he can open an outward opening door from the outside. I am pondering technological solutions. I hear there's a form of child lock that works on cats. Until then I'm leaving the lid down and putting a barrier in front of the door, but I expect that won't hold him for long.
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I have been meaning to write this up for a while and have just had cause to do so elsenet; ergo, have a copy of Alex's Algorithm For Choosing A New GP. It has served me pretty well thus far.

Comments and additions welcome, as ever. :-)

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(no subject)

Jul. 21st, 2017 08:13 am
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More things I have learnt from physio - mainly notes to self. I suspect [personal profile] hagar_972 and [personal profile] taennyn may have useful experience here, where I'm just starting out on the same journey they've already been on.

Muscles in the thigh - VMO, lateralis, the big quad one, the sartorius one across, adductors on the inside, abductors on the outside. VMO needs extra strengthening due to hypermobility. The small stabilising muscles tend to give up, then the big muscles compensate, and that's why my hamstrings get tight all the time. Then the hip/bum ones like glute max and glute mede also need help, particularly the latter.

Making sure things activate in the right order is hard. If the lateralis activates before the VMO instead of at the same time, then my kneecap slides sideways and that's one of the reasons it hurts. Trying to activate the VMO first will retrain it so they both go at the same time.

an amusing confluence

Jul. 19th, 2017 11:03 am
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1. Mr Men In London (press release); official merch; Londonist.

2. The Tube is dropping "ladies and gentlemen" as a passenger greeting.

Ergo: 3. Who do I gotta hassle to make e.g. "Mx Cool" and "Little Mx Stubborn" etc happen?

"Имя, сестра, имя!"

Jul. 17th, 2017 11:09 am
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 Вдогонку ко вчерашнему посту, в котором коллеги быстро помогли мне установить имя-отчество композитора 18 века Дементия Алексеевича Зорина.

Студенты, аспиранты, коллеги и прочие пишущие музыковедческие тексты (хотя я понимаю, что летом нормальные люди отдыхают и путешествуют, а не сидят над курсовыми, дипломными, диссертациями, статьями и монографиями)!

Учтите и усвойте, что у каждого музыканта и музыковеда есть полное имя, которое не худо бы для себя установить и где-то в своём тексте хотя бы раз упомянуть. Потому что упоминания типа "И.И.Иванов", а ещё хуже - "Б.Смит" (тут даже гендер непонятен!) - абсолютно "глухие". Можно упоминать без полного именования людей типа Бетховена и Мусоргского, но простых смертных стоит называть полностью. 
По правилам составления библиографии, принятым у нас, в списке авторы фигурируют только в виде фамилий и нициалов. Поэтому единственная возможность прояснить, кто есть кто, - это назвать их полностью в самом тексте. 

Помню, писала я как-то статью для публикации в американском журнале, и от меня требовали расшифровки всех имен и отчеств упоминаемых мною русских коллег. Мне тогда казалось, что это немного чересчур. А теперь так не кажется. 

В этом смысле западная традиция полного именования гораздо удобнее и разумнее нашей, где по давней привычке фамилию (то есть родовое имя) ставят впереди, а инициалы, причём не расшифровывая, за нею. Принцип текста на западный манер: автор - человек, у которого есть имя (отчество) и фамилия. Принцип советского текста: автор - некая функция (фамилия, на которую идет ссылка), а как его звали - не так важно. 

1) Хорошо и правильно: "Как убедительно доказали в своей монографии Пауль и Ева Бадура-Скода, некоторые сочинения Моцарта рассчитаны на фортепиано с подвесной педалью".
2) Плохо: "Как убедительно доказали в своей монографии Луцкер П. и Сусидко И., традиция комических интермеццо складывалась одновременно в Венеции и Неаполе".
Допустим, автор текста отлично знает, что Луцкера зовут Павел Валерьевич, а Сусидко - Ирина Петровна. Но читатель, лично не знакомый с этими замечательными музыковедами, может даже не догадаться, кто из них такого рода. 
Мне уже студенты неоднократно приносили тексты со ссылками на книги "В.Конена". Юные умы обычно не знают, что легендарный "Конен" - это Валентина Джозефовна. 
Такие вещи надо проговаривать.

С композиторами, поэтами и прочими героями наших писаний - то же самое. Вот встречаем мы в тексте условного "И.Й.А.Шмидта" (персонаж взят с потолка, наобум). Допустим, это какой-то рядовой музыкант чьей-то капеллы. Или стихотворец-любитель. Или музыкальный критик. Или просто знакомый какого-то видного исторического лица. Поди догадайся, как его звали. А его нужно включить в указатель. Иоганн Йозеф Алоиз? Игнац Йозеф Антон? Если имя расхожее и фамилия простая, поиск может затянуться надолго. И даже если это не банальный Шмидт, а, допустим, какой-нибудь князь, ситуация иногда складывается ничуть не более простая. "Ф.Лобковиц" - это кто? Филипп Гиацинт? Филипп Фердинанд? Франц Йозеф Максимилиан? Или просто Фердинанд, сын Франца Йозефа Максимилиана? Хорошо, если из контекста ясно. А бывает, что и неясно. Например: "Из коллекции Ф.Лобковица". У них у всех были коллекции, передававшиеся по наследству. 
То же самое с пресловутым Зориным. 
Инициалы "Д.А.", которые фигурируют всюду без расшифровки, допускают огромное количество вариантов. Дмитрий Александрович, Демьян Андреевич, Донат Алексеевич, Денис Антонович, Дормидонт Агафонович, Даниил Агеевич, Давид Абрамович и т.д. со всеми возможными перестановками отчеств. Дементий, правда, мне в голову не пришёл, но, если поднапрячься, то можно придумать и Диодора, и Диона, и ещё кого-нибудь в том же духе.
Кто-то один списал откуда-то "Зорин Д.А.", все остальные тупо повторяют, и никому не интересно, как же звали русского композитора 18 века (тогда у нас их было совсем не густо!). 

Когда пишешь биографические тексты, то каждый упоминаемый персонаж предстаёт неповторимой личностью, и про него пытаешься выяснить как можно больше подробностей. Не просто даты жизни, а родственные связи, интересы, черты характера и внешности. 
По идее, та же внимательность не помешает и при написании текстов чисто музыковедческих.
А уж когда дело доходит до указателей, то без имен просто беда. 

Помощь зала

Jul. 17th, 2017 11:01 am
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 АПДЕЙТ: коллективный разум сработал на ура.
Композитора Зорина звали Дементием Алексеевичем.
Страна должна знать своих героев!
А пост не убираю: вдруг кому понадобится.


Русисты, музыковеды и театроведы, нид хелп!

Зорин Д.А., автор оперы ""Перерождение", поставленной в Большом театре в 1777 году - как звали дяденьку полностью?
Нужно для указателя имен.
Я сижу на даче всё ещё хворая и притом жутко занятая. В доступных сетевых ресурсах (Музыкальная энциклопедия, История русской музыки в 10 томах) ничего не нашла. На других сайтах - либо только один инициал (Д), либо два (Д.А.), но нигде нет имени целиком.
Зорин упоминается в чужом тексте, не моём, а то я бы это дело так не оставила.

Кто знает или может оперативно узнать?
"Имя, сестра, имя!"..
Помощь братьев тоже не будет отринута. 
Метки: 18 векисториямузыковедениеопераперсонажи


Jul. 16th, 2017 10:13 am
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So far today I have spontaneously woken up before 9am, un/loaded the dishwasher, and made myself pancakes (using batter from the freezer; thank you, past Alex). I do not feel a pressing need to immediately go back to sleep.

Yesterday, I swapped over which brand of fexofenadine I was taking (Chanelle Medical to Dr Reddy's, self), had an afternoon nap, and woke up feeling actually refreshed.

I don't care if this is entirely placebo effect, I'll take it.

(I'm pretty sure it's not, though -- I think my post-nasal drip is also reducing again. So.)

Лиловое чудо

Jul. 16th, 2017 10:44 am
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Выбралась вчера погулять в ближайшее поле.
Фотоглаз взяла по привычке, никаких сюрпризов не ждала.
А чудо встретилось.
Среди доцветающих люпинов и нормальных колокольчиков стояло ОНО.
Единственное на всё поле.
Увы, не знаю, как называется.

IMG_9244 - копия колокол

IMG_9246 - копия колокол близ
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Опять Тангейзер...

Jul. 14th, 2017 01:55 pm
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 Посмотрела на днях "Тангейзера" в постановке Ромео Кастелуччи из Баварской оперы.

Сперва пыталась смотреть прямую трансляцию из Мюнхена, но почему-то она у меня шла с зависаниями, даже в Москве с хорошим интернетом, что сильно раздражало. А вдобавок я была вдребезги больная и досидеть до двух с лишним часов ночи у компьютера просто не смогла.
Спасибо умельцам - быстро выложили в интернет, я скачала и посмотрела заново уже в спокойной обстановке.

И... не понравилось.
Не потому, что у меня вызвала неприятие режиссерская трактовка сюжета, а потому, что я этой самой трактовки там вообще не обнаружила. Не поняла, что и зачем делается на сцене. 

При этом френды ведь знают, что я никоим образом не враг ненавистной многим "режоперы". Я не имею ничего против переосмыслений и модернизаций известных сюжетов. Напротив, убеждена, что поставить "так, как написал композитор" - нельзя. Это утопия и иллюзия. Из таких постановок мгновенно улетучивается воздух. Кому будет лучше, если Тангейзер со товарищи выйдут в аутентичных средневековых костюмах? Это разве опера про костюмы? Она про коллизию искусства, свободы и любви. И про столкновение на этой почве двух мощнейших архетипов европейской культуры: языческого и христианского. Всё это можно представить совершенно по-разному. Лишь бы - осмысленно.

Увы, мне показалось, что никакой осмысленности в спектакле Кастелуччи нет. Поначалу что-то такое проглядывало, но во втором акте стало скучно, а третий был совсем невыносим. 

Видеоряд увертюры - построение и упражнения в стрельбе юных дев-лучниц - само по себе очень красиво, но при чём тут Тангейзер и Венера? У меня создалось впечатление, что они из другой оперы - из "Ифигении в Тавриде", что ли, или из "Древа Дианы" (которое, кажется, нигде уже не ставится). Юные воительницы, невзирая на обнаженные перси, совершенно асексуальны. Это отряд Артемиды, а никак не Афродиты. Но в кого они целятся и стреляют? Чей там глаз и чьё ухо в кругу, висящем над сценой? И зачем так долго всё это происходит?..

Венера в стиле палеолитических богинь плодородия - ход интересный. Но почему этой матери всей живущей материи так интересен и нужен именно Тангейзер? Он, что ли, оплодотворяет её и даёт жизнь монстрам, сгусткам плоти, копошащимся возле могучих телес богини? И ему это нравилось, а потом вдруг надоело, да?.. Странно, нелогично, непонятно. 

Зачем товарищи-миннезингеры мажут Тангейзера кровью убитого ими оленя? Кстати, этот приём вымазывания кровью (причём из ведра) уже был в другом "Тангейзере" (кажется, в Ла Скала)? Показать, что он такой же, как они? А Вальтер - он разве тоже кровавый маньяк? Ведь нет же, он нежный и пушистый. Так зачем им мазаться? 

Аня Хартерос в роли Елизаветы была очень хороша, но первый монолог оказался скучным. Ну, вышла в зал, ну, спела концертный номер... Что в этом такого? И зачем на ней платье с апликацией в виде обнажёнки? Символ, что "девушка созрела"? Приём, бьющий в лоб - и мимо... 
Потом пошло вообще чёрт те что. Опять гологрудые девы-лучницы (тут - блондинки), ещё какие-то как бы голые девы на первом плане перед рядами рыцарей (что за девы, откуда?), обрубки пластиковых ног (пилигримы?), обстановка операционной во время состязания певцов... Всё никуда, всё мимо, всё вразрез с музыкой. Кульминационный скандал - гимн Венере - скандальным вовсе не воспринимался. Ну, потемнел экспериментальный куб с какой-то странной химической бякой внутри. Так он и до того темнел, когда пели про оружие. 

В третьем акте - вообще кладбищенская фантасмагория. Привозят и укладывают на лафеты каких-то покойников (причём на лафетах появляются имена не оперных героев, а певцов - по-моему, это несколько за гранью допустимого). 
Я всё ждала финального появления Венеры. Как она будет соблазнять Тангейзера и как у неё получится передвигаться в своём монументально-палеолитическом костюмчике с грудями до колен и бутафорскими ногами как у слона, больного водянкой.
Увы... Никак. Пшик. Что-то пропела на заднем плане, но сама не показалась.

Бедный "Тангейзер". 

До сих пор наиболее убедительным из виденных мною спектаклей я бы назвала постановку в МАМТ, где тоже, конечно, были поводы для критики, но была (собственно, есть!) и концепция, и красота, и убедительная игра певцов.