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okay so -- ego depletion is, broadly, the idea that self-control is a finite resource and if you do a thing that takes a lot of self-control you will have less of it left for subsequent tasks within [time-frame]; a recent-ish replication study found that it's not actually an effect that... exists.

what I am curious about, and lacking (ha) the focus etc to track down for myself, is: how does this conception of self-control interact with issues of decision fatigue and executive dysfunction? is self-control being formulated as meaningfully distinct from decision-making?

thank you in advance for indulging my idle curiosity <3

Chocolate Box 2019

Feb. 21st, 2019 09:18 pm
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Sorry for not having posted any recs or a shout out to the people who wrote me gifts before now. For bad brains reasons, I... kind of haven't read anything in the collection apart from the two gifts I wrote. Which were great:

Doubt is Imperial Radch, and is Breq/Anaander hatesex. Or hate-something. Going in the direction of hatesex. A delightfully nasty Anaander.

New Life is Silmarillion and is a very gentle AU in which instead of being known as the first person to die in Valinor, or for giving birth to Fëanor, Míriel is the first person to be granted a divorce by the Valar, and then ends up with Indis.
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First: I keep playing with someone named “MrDrippyTip” in Star Ocean:Anamnesis. Every time, I think: is that something you should really advertise? TMI, dude.

I am playing a New Game+ of FFXV, and enjoying it as much as the first time! I’ve seen new things this time around, which is a lot of fun. Still having a blast with the photo feature! Here are some, they’re a mix of the beautiful to the bewildering.

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Shitposting in the living room

Feb. 19th, 2019 09:18 pm
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[extensive conversation apropos of which]
Me: I am, unfortunately, seeing a ghost cat (actual cat) wearing a Village People leatherman cop hat.
Some Random Housemate (okay there are only two to choose from): But wouldn't it be the sailor, [apropos of previous]?
Housemate 2: They have that song, In The Navy.
Me, singing: In the Navy, you can sail the seven bees, in the Navy...
[personal profile] silveradept, unhooking the headphones from their ears: I'm sorry, what?
Me, with the aggrieved aggression of a challenged shitposter: Well, how many bees do you think there are?!
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I didn't (unsurprisingly) get the greenhouse, but looking at it did substantially clarify my thoughts and the eBays do regularly contain less fancy greenhouses that, actually, probably will perfectly well do the job now I know what I'm after.

In which I ramble about hardware and tell stories about secateurs. )

In terms of my upcoming jobs and planting...

Well, I need to spend some quality time pruning the Ribes bushes various; the plot came with a red dessert gooseberry, a redcurrant, and what-I-think-is-a-jostaberry, all of which are a little neglected and tangled. Tidying them up was on the list for Sunday immediately after the teasels, but a pair of secateurs that couldn't handle a teasel was... erstrecht not going to cope with actual wood. They also need top dressing with manure and then probably mulching, but that can wait until after I've tidied them up a little.

Next door, I've come to the conclusion that what I want to do with my ground-level bed (squash, pak choi, and failed calabrese last year) this season is set some broad beans and peas going down the middle around now, and then sow quinoa down the edges some time later. On the one hand, it's not known that this is a good idea; on the other, intercropping legumes and quinoa is a topic of active research and growing trials, and it looks to me like it ought to be sensible, so no doubt you will collectively get Running Commentary while I experiment.

At home, it's time for me to get the purple chillis and the orange bell peppers started (if I'm going to); that can't really happen until we're back full time, and while I'm happy to heat the house to a temperature that is safe and adequate for me to exist in when I'm actually there most of the time, that is... less the case when I'm away. (I'm attempting to resist the temptation to acquire a heated propagator.) Also the tomatoes, though there the thing I really need to do is work out where I want to put them -- whether I want to grow them on at home again, or if I'll be looking to plant them out at the plot.

Which is a general problem -- the working-out-where-to-plant-things. I'm dithering but probably about to come down on the side of putting the saffron bulbs in around the base of the cherry tree; I think I know where I'm going to put the comfrey once it's established itself a little better; and I'm tentatively leaning towards growing the poppies-for-seed in a patch of mixed wildflowers. (WHERE, though, Alex, you need to work out where you're going to put this. Probably also in the general vicinity of the cherry, if we're honest.)

But. Yes. Priorities: getting misc. seeds started; actually sourcing and constructing my proper raised beds so that I can plant out into them (which will inevitably involve More Weeding); pruning and dressing the Ribes; and working out what I want by way of asparagus, because my mother has offered to buy me some crowns.

So, you know, if you have asparagus cultivar recommendations, please by all means go ahead! I prefer the stems to the tips, and I am resigned to growing at least some purple...
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The Zanarkand Ruins King Mog event has ended! I pulled a lot of bonus units, so ended up farming ELT as I wasn't sure my team could handle LGD. Here's what I got:

Guaranteed 5* Ticket, 1 @ 70000 = 70,000
5* Select Summon Ticket, 1 @ 150000 = 150,000
4* Ticket, 1 @ 2000 = 2,000
4* Ticket, 1 @ 6000 = 6,000
4* Ticket, 1 @ 12000 = 12,000
Regular tickets, 2 @ 500 = 1,000
Regular tickets, 3 @ 1000 = 3,000
Regular tickets, 2 @ 3000 = 6,000
Regular tickets, 3 @ 6000 = 18,000
Desch's Earring Moogles, 2 @ 8000 = 16,000
Thirst for Survival Moogles, 2 @ 8000 = 16,000
10% Trust Moogle, 1 @ 30000 = 30,000
Star Quartz, 4 @ 300 = 1,200
Star Quartz, 3 @ 600 = 1,800
Star Quartz, 3 @ 900 = 2,700
Cognizant of the Truth Moogles, 2 @ 8000 = 16,000
1% Trust Moogle, 5 @ 10000 = 50,000
Trust Moogles Map, 1 @ 15000 = 15,000
Jecht's Gauntlet, 1 @ 15000 = 15,000
King Metal Minitaurs, 50 @ 300 = 15,000

For a total of 446,700 currency. I could have farmed more, but I got everything I wanted, so I'm happy.

It's Lunar New Year, and this year the event was a wave battle farming event, along with a trial. I tried the trial over the past two days, without consulting any guides, and am pleased to say I won on the third try! But man, was that an annoying fight.

You absolutely need a breaker. I didn't bring one my first time, and I had deaths left and right and had to give up. So for my second attempt I added in Kryla. The boss is supposedly resistant to physical damage, so I had tried bringing my Lunera twins as they do magical damage and I love using them. So my second attempt was, hmm, Awakened Rain, Kryla, Lunera, Lunera, Eiko, and a Qin friend, I believe. We eventually wiped because I had no source of reraise.

Since you need reraise, I changed tactics for my third attempt and brought Awakened Rain, Kryla, Eiko, Ayaka, Trance Terra and a Trance Terra friend. My T.Terra friend wasn't the strongest, but she WAS immune to status ailments which you want as the boss does confusion.

I was taken aback when the boss did mana drain on this attempt! That didn't happen on the second attempt, and a friend also said he didn't encounter mana drain. Weird. Anyway, I was very happy to have A.Rain with me. His Scarlet Healing move consumes his LB gauge to heal 5000 HP & 50 MP to the party, which was VERY useful.

Eiko was there to build the esper gauge since you have to summon twice. She was also helpful for removing MAG stat breaks. I probably didn't need her. She only had 70% status ailment immunity so she got confused a few times.

You need some way of managing Stop, which the boss also does. My Kryla got stopped a few times. I used Ayaka's Stop Detach. If you bring Chow he has a move that prevents stop.

The first phase is a piece of cake. With breaks applied and Rain's Energy Wall up, the team was hardly getting hit. Once you reach 49%, though, the boss transforms. He fully heals himself and starts doing counter-attacks, one of which can wipe the whole party so you need reraise up.

It got pretty messy due to the counter-attacks and mana drain. I probably could have beat him faster if it wasn't for the mana drain, which meant sometimes the Terras just had to guard or do a single Chaos Wave as they didn't have enough mana for two. It took me 27 rounds to win.

gear! )

I've just made my Trance Terra lead in case anybody wants to use her for the trial!
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with all the usual caveats about how noisy crowds + not being able to easily move away from people smoking &c all sounds utterly miserable and like it will wreck me for days and possibly weeks--

-- which means that I probably want a sign that reads something to the tune of "Leaving the house was a bad idea. Leaving the EU would be worse." Right? Should I be making it pithier and more entertaining? Is it even a coherent idea?

it got better

Feb. 17th, 2019 08:33 pm
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Although the 'rents are still noping on babysitter availability, we managed to have Saturday lunch with the in-laws and Sunday dinner with my mom. Everyone is generally doing better, except for my dad's wife. I still haven't seen my dad in over a year now, but at least he remembered to call us on Will's birthday. My mom says that my sister is thinking of paying us a visit in late March or early April.

I called in a favor with the usual suspects to get non-familial child supervision so that Robby and I could go to the symphony on Saturday night. It was a really fantastic program, featuring a newly commissioned piano concerto by Martin Kennedy, a music professor who is my sister's age. I dearly hope to hear it again sometime.

Another busy week ahead, full of doctor appointments and music performances. Hopefully I can take the kids to go see the LEGO Movie 2 while they are out of school tomorrow.


Feb. 17th, 2019 08:31 pm
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Reading. I finished Predators' Gold! It did not redeem itself, to my tastes. I then proceeded to have a bit of a tailspin about "do I object to fiction that portrays people doing bad things without getting 'adequately' punished or without it getting called out in the text? am I secretly an anti?" but the answer is, on reflection, no -- I don't think it's Immoral Art That Should Be Banned, it's just that I've got a very long reading list including a bunch of books I am actually excited (rather than cross) about, and I abruptly Really Don't Care about these characters enough to invest any more time in them at all whatsoever. Meanwhile, I have not been reading much because reasons, but Dreams from My Father reappeared from the library so I'm working slowly on that. Also I finally scraped together the brain to read the most recent shortfic associated with your blue-eyed boys ("shortfic": one of them was 23k words), which was immensely soothing.

Growth. I went to the allotment today! The fennel died back a lot in the frosts but I'm hopeful that 1. it will continue turning into food (it's putting forth new feathery growth) and 2. some if it will get as far as making seeds. I pulled up all the teasels and got as many of them as I could before the cheap shitty secateurs broke, so those are in a neat pile, and did a very little hand-weeding. Happily, though, the combination of manure + weed-suppressant takeaway pizza boxes + wood chip meant that there was really very little weeding as needed done, which impressed me. Spinach is coming along nicely but probably needs thinning (and eating); to my surprise a nontrivial chunk of the remaining pak choi also survived the frosts and are now doing their determined best to flower.

When I got in on Wednesday night, I discovered that my comfrey crowns had finally arrived (on the second attempt) so I've now got those potted up on the patio to establish while I work out where to put them. This means that I also received the last of the seeds currently on order, though I am now seriously considering acquiring two kinds of basil, some caraway and sesame seed, some rocket, and maaaaybe some chickpeas, though chickpeas seem possibly even a step too far for me.

Alas I did not win the greenhouse I had been pining after, but it ended up going for about three times what I was willing or able to pay for it, which means I successfully do not feel bad about having "just missed out" or similar.

Lab supplies. So many lab supplies. I got to campus at around 9 on Thursday and... slightly didn't leave again til 2pm on Saturday, though hopefully by the next time I want to do anything of the sort I'll have 24h access enabled on my card so I'll be able to actually kip on the sofa in my head of group's office rather than drowzing underneath the computer table in the Bloody Cold. (I was wearing three jumpers, a scarf, and fingerless gloves, and I still spent most of those three days shivering.)


Feb. 15th, 2019 11:15 pm
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I ended up getting almost nothing done this past week due to coming down with a severe head cold and staying in bed most of the past 4 days. I still feel stuffy but at least my brains are no longer leaking out of my nose and I can think again for more than ten minutes at a time.

Unfortunately that grayout period included Will's birthday. I gave him a small handful of presents I had bought beforehand and Robby took him out for frozen yogurt, but we didn't manage any sort of group celebration. I'm hoping I can make it up to him over the weekend.

We also skipped celebrating Valentine's Day, but we have symphony tickets for tomorrow night, which could be a date night if I can find a babysitter on short notice.

[food] oh go on then

Feb. 16th, 2019 12:06 am
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Some of you have specifically mentioned being interested in seeing other people's responses to this week's [community profile] thefridayfive, and I'm sitting around nervously watching the mass spec run without the concentration to do anything more useful, so here you go.

Content note: this week's theme is grocery shopping and meal planning. My answers therefore involve mention of sensory issues with food, dietary restrictions, and disordered eating.

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Of course, what these questions don't touch on is HAVE I MENTIONED I HAVE AN ALLOTMENT. :D I make choices about what to grow (and where) for convenience; for example, I don't like buying cut herbs because (i) I feel vaguely guilty and (ii) they're never the right quantities, but I do like fresh herbs, so in pots on the verandah I've got mint, parsley, rosemary, sage, chives, and bay. I'm on the verge of buying seeds for two kinds of basil; an honourable mention to the ancestral wild garlic, that springeth green. I also had tomatoes on the patio (... I still haven't decided what to call it; "decking" seems awfully USois, somehow, and isn't quite in my active vocabulary) this summer, which was convenient and enjoyable enough that I'm likely to do it again. (I might also try cucumbers on the patio, depending on how the weather goes and whether I actually buy a greenhouse.)

At the allotment I'm prioritising things it's ridiculously expensive to buy (poppy seed! caraway seed! hopefully, if I get my act together, asparagus! bay leaves! soft fruit! hopefully some saffron, thanks to [personal profile] ewt!), things that come in entirely the wrong amounts always and are awkward to store (spinach!), things I always wince over the cost of and can rarely be persuaded to indulge myself on (fennel! purple sprouting broccoli! pak choi! shallots! interesting salad leaves! hopefully passionfruit!), things that are Brightly Coloured (this season I'm going to be experimenting with Painted Mountain sweetcorn, rainbow quinoa and purple chillis, among others), things it's otherwise tricksy to find (root parsley! :D), and things that are Just Better when they're really ludicrously fresh (hiiiii peas). I'd already been trying to eat seasonally; I'm looking forward to spending more time paying attention to plants, and trying to remind myself that I'm not going to be starting everything off hideously too late even if I am only getting back from Belfast at the end of February.

This is of course my first year with the allotment so I don't... entirely have a sense of how my shopping patterns will actually be affected, but I Am Excited To Find Out: I've already been enjoying working with the rhubarb and beetroot neighbours have desperately fobbed off on me, and with the things I've managed to get going already. So, you know, if compatible with your diet, should you visit me over the summer there's a very high chance that you'll be fed Things What I Grew (That Aren't The Sourdough), and should I visit you you might get brought A Tribute...

Snow :/

Feb. 14th, 2019 09:57 am
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Snow is melting!

This morning on my way from the poorly-cleared drop-off point to the bus, I slipped and nearly fell on some wet-looking ice.

The transit system is slowly becoming unfucked. As the streets de-ice, they're repairing the buses that have been damaged by their own tire chains.

As I told Toronto Ponytail this morning downstairs, it's not specifically that the snow was that bad, it's that the snow was that bad for the infrastructure we have. Nobody* has shovels, there aren't enough snowplows, and he agreed that it's actually entirely sensible for people to assume they're not going anywhere for a week and to shop accordingly. Especially when the store's incoming deliveries are going to be disrupted too.

This climate stuff. It just isn't natural.

* People who have lived here through the last big snow probably have shovels, unless their evil ex took them on the way out. Cough, glare, spit.

** Climate change deniers will be vaccinated and fed to starving polar bears.
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spot the difference!

preferment: the selection of clergy to hold positions of senior office in the Church (of England) (largely obsolete)
preferment: a preparation of a portion of a bread dough that is made several hours or more in advance of mixing the final dough

my recreational reading, you see, currently includes a nontrivial amount of Austen and a nontrivial amount of The Theory Of Sourdough. APPARENTLY in this modern day and age we don't believe in clarifying punctuation. as a result I am spending a lot of time being very confused about theology.

Today in teeth

Feb. 13th, 2019 10:47 am
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Content notes/conversational parameters: brief discussion of oral health and teething; mention (no specifics) of anxiety dreams. On the whole I think teeth are skin-crawlingly awful, so please don't go into detail about oral damage/dental procedures/etc in comments. The level of detail in the post is probably a good guide. <3

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Culture Consumed Tuesday

Feb. 12th, 2019 10:07 pm
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Oops, it's been a month since my last weekly update.


Read T. Kingfisher's Ironheart. This is the story Ursula Vernon's been talking about writing for years on KUEC, the romance where the hero's a sword. It's a lot more romance genre than she usually writes, and I like how she did that. The hero has been in his sword for hundreds of years, and comes from a culture with cattle-raiding and fights over honour and so forth. The narrative makes the point clearly (without beating it to death) that his culture isn't more prone to toxic masculinity or sexism than the heroine's culture, but toxic masculinity and sexism do operate differently in their two cultures. I particularly enjoyed the scenes in which the heroine, Halla (a widow whose lifelong survival mechanism is appearing sillier and more scatterbrained than she really is) and the Rat priest Zale (non-binary clerical lawyer) design experiment after experiment to figure out exactly how it works that the hero, Sarkis, is trapped in a sword. When he eats food, where does it go? If he had a full bladder before he reenters his sword, is it empty or full when he emerges?

Read N.K. Jemisin's The Obelisk Gate and started The Stone Sky. Her worldbuilding makes all the other fantasy worlds I'm reading at the same time look like cardboard cut-outs by comparison. It's not just the details of how orogeny works, or the long, detailed postapocalyptic history. It's how living in a world constantly either in a state of major, widespread natural disaster or under threat of the same affects that society, all of them, on a political geography and structure level to how the smallest communities function, to the effects on family units, on what the mainstream is like, on marginalised people; but most of all, the ground-in knowledge that everyone in this entire world is a victim of generational trauma, and it shows in their parenting, their relationships, their cosmology, their science, their instincts during emergencies, their daily habits, everything. I need to clarify: I don't mean look at these poor sad broken people. What I mean is, these are normal people responding in an adaptive way to a constantly life-threatening situation on an entire societal level over centuries, and it shows. (Situation might be the wrong word there. It sounds like something circumscribed, temporary. This is their reality, how their world works. The sky is up and rains poisonous gases and ash down on you, the ground is down and shakes and spews up lava.) Not one person in this whole series thinks of the world as a safe place. Because it's not. One of the most telling things is how not one person in this whole series subscribes to the Just World Hypothesis, because they've all had too much direct experience of random, senseless tragedy for that to make sense to them. Some of them scapegoat other people as evil and causing everyone else's bad luck, but not even one of them thinks they can be immune to that bad luck by being virtuous or well-prepared enough or a positive thinker. It's so deeply, clearly thought through, and she conveys it in so much depth.


Bought and listened to Marina and the Diamonds' Electra Heart (having known about Marina for years in a vague "people I know like her music" but not followed up yet) and listened to it on the strength of a track ('Starring Role') linked to in a fanfic I was reading. The music I mostly really like. The lyrics... She's consciously and deliberately writing about dysfunctional relationships, so it'd be missing the point for me to complain about the unhealthiness of the attitudes to love expressed therein. They're supposed to be! But a lot of them... are not the particular sort of unhealthy that resonates with me when I feel like wallowing in fucked up. They are not fucked up in ways I find easy to relate to. Except for the ones that are... for a few lines, and I'm thinking "yes, like that," and then it'll take a left turn and lose me again. So that's frustrating, but the music's still good.

Heard Big Daddy's cover (sort of) of 'Music of the Night' and need to share it here as well as on Tumblr because it fills me with joy.

TV and Movies

Watched Hannah Gadsby's Nanette, in which she says some very pointed things about comedy and trauma. My timing was good: I got around to watching it right before she announced her return to comedy.

Watched this YouTube how-to video on gilding a turd. Okay, actually it's on repairing squishy toys. The turd comes in at 13:24, and is very, very gilded. (cn rapid cutting that might be painful to look at if you're me)


My cherry tomato plant has been producing some tiny (some of them the size of a pea) but incredibly delicious tomatoes. So far no zucchinis at all, just some beautiful zucchini flowers.


Tried making icypoles (popsicles if you're American) using the chocolate coconut recipe from Men's Fitness (2 scoops chocolate protein powder, 1 can full-fat coconut milk, blend and freeze in moulds) on the grounds that if I'm going through a stage where I want to live on icypoles (it's February in Australia, 'nuff said) then I might as well try for a bit more nutrition with that. I added a little vanilla essence. The Lifehacker article where I saw the recipe did warn me it'd depend heavily on the flavour of your protein powder. Mine... was not great. Not terrible, but not great either. The flavour was less offensive than room temperature, but definitely no choc mint Paddle Pop. The texture was outright bad, though. Next time I'm gonna try bringing the coconut to a boil and dissolving a teaspoon and a half of powdered gelatine in it first.

I've had more luck just freezing chunks of fruit and gnawing on them without thawing them first. Banana works well that way, as I already knew, as do grapes in grape season, and so does fresh pineapple if you are in a place where you can cope with cutting up a pineapple and putting the pieces in the freezer and then cleaning up afterwards. So I tried tinned pineapple chunks. The texture isn't as good (a little too hard even if I put it in a big ziplock bag and spread it out and leave air pockets here and there) but it's still pretty good.


Called Labor MP to ask for continued support on the medevac bill. This passed today, and it looks like shit is getting real. And real baffling. This is the hill ScoMo wants to die on? When he's so into pretending to be a prime minister that he hasn't called an election but doesn't want to actually govern, he's prepared to risk becoming Gough Whitlam's evil mirror universe double over denying refugees access to health care they need because of the way we've mistreated them? (I mean yes, clearly, he's one of the people insisting on keeping the refugees in actual concentration camps in contravention of international law and any human compassion at all. I just... the fact that it's consistent with his character as shown to date doesn't make it any less baffling.)


Went to a zine fair that was part of the Festival of the Photocopier, an annual fest run by the Sticky Institute, a volunteer-run zine culture resource. It was at the Trades Hall, which is currently being renovated. Most of the stalls were at tables in the car park. It was my first time at FOTP, but not my first time at an event like this. I realised that the thing about traders' halls at conventions is that while it's a great place to see unique art and meet interesting people, it's also a guilt gauntlet for me. All these people sharing their personal, intimate artworks, and now they're sitting there watching a stream of strangers walk past them and glance at said art then keep walking. If I don't at least say "hey, how's it going?" then I'm going to be one of hundreds of people doing that, and for some of them each one of those interactions will hurt. But saying hi to literally hundreds of people as I walk past their stalls is going to add to my overwhelm by a lot, and this is a crowded place with lots of accidental touching and noise and... yeah. Also I know some of the stall-holders will be like me or even more so, and maybe every time I say "hi" and they have to say hi back, I'm drawing on their limited budget of words, and I can't necessarily tell who's who. So I can't win with the guilt.

OTOH, it was nice seeing lots of people making their own art and doing their own writing etc. I bought ten zines, three buttons, and three stickers. Biggest regret: buying three political zines from the "by donation" tables, which I realised too late were probably one of the socialist groups just printing out someone else's stuff (hopefully with permission but who knows) and using it to raise money. (This is not me bagging on socialism itself. This is me bagging on certain socialist groups in Melbourne who operate like cults and whose main activities are fundraising and recruiting but who never seem to do any other activist work beyond showing up to other groups' protests to pass the bucket for their own cause.)

Took my car to a touchless automated car wash for the first time. I'm a bad car owner and hardly ever wash my car myself (with a bucket and a sponge and a squeegee) but had been too proud to pay someone else to do it or take it to an automatic place. Well, I decided to take it to an automatic place. I paid $13 and drove up with the doors closed and the windows rolled up, and watched the jets of water and soap and wax wash all over the outside of my car. It only took a few minutes, took no effort at all from me (beyond getting there and having the cash, and they took cards too as it turned out) and did a better job than I could myself, and was very entertaining. The only downside is that a spider I didn't know was living on the roof of my car unfortunately drowned. There was also a vacuum station at which you could pay a dollar for three and a half minutes of vacuuming and another dollar if you wanted your car scented (oh god no.) I vacuumed, but I need to declutter and tidy in there for it to be effective. Anyway, would recommend an automated car wash if you can afford $13 now and again and never thought of trying it before and lack the spoons to wash your own car but want your car to be clean for once.

Edited to add: Tech
The sed thing, for anyone who was wondering: long story as short as I can manage, I rooted my phone, located the Firefox for Android profile folder, found browser.db inside it and copied that to my desktop, then extracted the table I wanted into a text file, replaced every space with a newline, then removed every line that wasn't a URL, for a value of "URL" here meaning "line starting with 'h'". So there were a few tab titles that started with 'h', but not enough to make it annoying. (I could have just said 'http' instead of 'h', but I was overtaken with a sed-like impulse to use as few characters as possible.)

[personal profile] ckd's answer worked perfectly, and was aesthetically more pleasing than what I tried between posting that and getting the comment ("sed first operation input.txt > intermediate.txt" "sed second operation intermediate.txt > output.txt" and if you ever find yourself naming an output file "intermediate.txt" and it's not because you need to examine the contents before running the next command, you have forgotten about pipe again.) I got my history as well as my open tabs. Shout-out also to [personal profile] wohali, who provided multiple additional solutions.

The result is, I can finally close all the tabs on my phone, secure in the knowledge that now I have them in a text list I can go through in time. (No, I do not want to use Mozilla's profile sync. I want a text list, not a bunch of open tabs on a different device. This is a sorting and decluttering thing, not a backup thing. And NO, I don't want Pocket.)


Feb. 10th, 2019 10:31 pm
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It has been very snowy. It has also been warm. What does that mean? Ice. So much ice. That means: ice chipping. ouch. My right arm. My right arm is not working right for the rest of the evening. I am dictating this via the phone.
There were not any flat shovels left at home Depot. There were, however, other shovels, and rakes, and implements of destruction.
Before the home Depot run, I was using the pizza peel to shovel the sidewalk. I am proud of my ingenuity.