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If you've been after getting an account on the wiki, please holler - account creation is now working again, and I want to make sure I don't miss anyone!
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The wiki now supports embedding Gists from GitHub. (Gists are single version controlled files with easy updating.)

You can see this Gist Test page to see what the syntax is and what the result looks like.
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Previously, I think I disabled regular account creation, and that let OpenID accounts register. This kept away spammers, but still let grandfathered accounts work by logging in using their passwords.

This strategy no longer works and I need to figure out a new one. The OpenID plugin has a setting to only allow OpenID logins, but that then blocks out non-OpenID users. In the meantime, registration is turned off because I can't keep dealing with the many, many spam registering accounts that have been constantly happening since I turned regular registration on. There might need to be Captchas, or some other strategy.
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I've been putting it off but it needs to be done--expect the wiki to be askew until I finish (or give up and restore the backups until I can figure out what went wrong)! Upgrade is finished!

Upgrade Notes

  • SemanticQueryFormTool can't be used anymore with the most recent version of Semantic Mediawiki
  • Right now it's on the default MW skin and I took one of the icons to use for the logo. I'm very very open to new logos--the size to shoot for is 135px by 135px. I might tweak the CSS for the skin a little, but mostly I'll keep to the standard.

If you can go test out the wiki and make sure you can log in, that would be dandy!