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So, as you may/may not know, we are in the process of moving our source control and development process over to git in order to take advantage of Github.

What we need to do is go through our documentation and change:

* Links to the old repository to their new equivalents on
* Descriptors that refer to, which no longer exists, especially in update contexts
* Installation instructions
* Documentation on code layout--cvs directory no longer exists, for example

And anything else that we can think of. The Development category is in need of special attention.

We also need to start creating best practice policies (for instance, do development on branches your create) and putting them onto the wiki. We do have one new page with a first draft of instructions so far on:

Moving your Dreamwidth installation to use Github

Feel free to comment on this post with anything you see that needs updating, if you don't feel like updating it yourself!
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So I've been writing and or uodating a series of wiki pages(*), often in pairs for setting up foo and using foo in your code. Titles so far follow the "Setting up Foo" (which may also covers installing, starting/stopping, and troubleshooting) and "Foo" (which covers up writing code for or using in Dreamwidth code).But now, I'm wondering whether that's the best nomenclature and considering renaming "Foo" pages to "Using Foo in code" or something similar. I don't think it's worth having an extra Foo page for that, as it would just link to both and have little content of its own. However, that makes it hard to link to both, when you don't know what information the reader is most likely to want. So I'm considering using [[Category: Foo|Foo]] instead, for those links. What do you guys think?

(*) So far, TheSchwartz is done, Gearman is next (haven't started), and when I'm done I may do Memcache and MogileFS.
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There's a new wiki category: Getting Started. It's now linked from the front page and the sidebar of the wiki.

There are a couple pages in there already, but the development one needs revamping, and we need pages for other areas of the project, such as docs, accessiblity, and support.
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This project is requested, and will probably be managed by, [personal profile] baggyeyes, who thought it would be a good idea to have a convenient list of resources that people new to Dreamwidth would find useful. Tasks that need to be done:

* Figure out a good title for the wiki page
* Collate good resources for people new to Dreamwidth. What are the best FAQs? Things like the list of compatible clients, etc. Commenting with suggestions to this post would probably be much appreciated!
* Organize the list into sensible categories
* Put links to this page on the front page, perhaps in the sidebar
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This project is requested by [personal profile] azurelunatic and regards the From LJ Suggestions part of the wiki.

* First, suggestions mining should be done from since January '09 in [ profile] suggestions.
* Then, they should figure out what has been implemented, what already exists as a bug in Bugzilla, what hasn't been examined/discussed already, and then submitting the stuff that hasn't been turned over to [site community profile] dw_suggestions (desirably at a rate limited pace, so [site community profile] dw_suggestions isn't suddenly flooded).

After this is done, we can retire that section of the wiki.
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This category of the wiki is in need of a serious revamp:

Also, it was based off of Tabula Rasa. It needs to have the S2-wide things and Tabula-Rasa specific things separated, so we can also make guides for Transmogrified and Negatives.

Basically, we want documentation so that a styles designer can look at it and very quickly figure out all the abilities they have from the built-in classes and layout.

If anybody wants to help out with this, let me know! Describe what your areas of relative expertise are, and I can set you going.