Oct. 2nd, 2017

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I'm currently unable to log in to the DW wiki using OpenID. It looks like my OpenID URL, http://pauamma.dreamwidth.org/ or https://pauamma.dreamwidth.org/ (normally use the former, tried the latter as well just in case) became disconnected from my wiki username, which was Pauamma. When I click on the "Log in / create account with OpenID" button, I'm not logged in as used to be the case, but presented with a wiki special page that apparently wants me to confirm my username (and password? but I don't have a password, because OpenID). Clicking the "Log in / create account with OpenID" button (present on that page as well) leads me to http://wiki.dreamwidth.net/wiki/index.php/Special:OpenIDLogin/ChooseName which contains nothing of use, whether I enter a password or leave that field empty. I also tried a password reset email, but got no email after 23 hours. (Although something must have happened, because when I try again, I get an "A password reset email has already been sent, within the last 24 hours." error message.)

Any way I can log in?